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    What is Tramadol

    ( 3 Facts you should know about Tramadol )

    Tramadol is a pain relieving drug

    Tramadol comes under the class of drug called opioid analgesics. It is a prescribed drug. Ultram or OL- Tram (brand names of Tramadol) works by changing the brain's response towards the sensations of pain.

    Tramadol comes in immediate release pills and extended release pills. The major difference between immediate and extended release pills is that the former one comes in 50 mg dosage and the later in 100 mg, 200 mg, 300, or 400 mgs dosage. Tramadols Er is prescribed to patients suffering from chronic pain.

    Tramadol side effects are rare. Tramadol is usually a well-tolerated medicines. Side effects of Tramdol are rare and generally not serious. Constipation, nausea are some of the side effects of Tramadol.

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    What are the medical uses of Tramadol?

    Tramadol works like narcotic analgesics

    Tramadol changes the reaction of brain towards the feeling of any sort of pain. Ultram Er tablets are prescribed by the physicians to treat chronic pain in human beings. Tramadols can treat various types of pains including acute postoperative pain, osteoarthritis, neuropathic pain and back pain. Diabetic neuropathy, migraine headache, fibromyalgia, and premature ejaculation are some other important uses of Tramadol. One can buy Tramadol online from any registered and legal website.

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